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In our Newsletter, we want to showcase some of our Highlights, Sponsors, and FUN AFTA TEAM events. Also, we would like to provide information about how you can help with our continuing efforts through our Donation Station and List of Needs. We hope that you will check in often to see more information and updates on how we can serve you or how you can help out in the community.

Sponsorship & Events

Upcoming Events

List of Needs

Our clients could always use donations of hygiene items, socks, blankets, large print books, busy blankets, or vests.


Below are items that have been donated to us by members of the community. If you or a loved one needs any of the items below, please give us a call!

Our donations change regularly, please call our office if you or someone you know needs a piece of medical equipment.


Our office has Vials of Life for FREE! Please call us and reserve yours for pick up!
The Vial a Life program is nationally recognized for saving countless lives each year by providing emergency responders with life-saving medical information during an emergency. The Vial a Life is a form that is stored in your refrigerator. When emergency responders are called to your home, they will see the Vial a Life sticker on your front door and know to go to your refrigerator to get your important medical information.