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About Us – Meet Our Team

Advocates for Aging
2016 Central Florida Humanitarian Award Recipients

Disclosure: Having been part of the Brevard County community since 1978, I have developed extensive connections in various fields, including the medical industry, elder law, contractors, realtors, and business owners, among others. Throughout the years, either myself or a member of my team has collaborated with a majority of the elder law attorneys in this county, serving in roles such as our own counsel, opposing counsel, the elisor representing the Ward, as well as engaging in estate planning, benefits planning, and public education initiatives. If you have any specific inquiries, please don’t hesitate to ask, and I will gladly provide the information you seek!

Danica Scuderi

Danica Scuderi-Carluccio is the Founding Shareholder of Advocates for the Aging, Inc. In addition, she holds various professional roles, including being a Professional Guardian, Geriatric Case Manager, Nationally Certified Alzheimer's/Dementia Practitioner, and Social Worker. In January 2008, Danica Scuderi-Carluccio embarked on a new journey by founding Advocates for the Aging. Her lifelong passion for advocating for the elderly began during her youth, where she dedicated numerous hours volunteering in nursing homes and at the local hospital, Holmes Regional Medical Center. She pursued a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work with a particular focus on end-of-life counseling and law. Throughout her career, Danica has held various positions, including Social Services Director, Case Manager, Risk Manager, and Abuse Prevention Coordinator in Rehabilitation/Nursing facilities.

In 2005, Danica became a Registered Professional Guardian and later obtained certification as a National Guardian. She has also developed stimulation and activity programs specifically designed for individuals with Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia. Danica has shared her expertise through educational presentations on Aging Sensitivity, Rights of the Elderly, Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease, as well as the role of a Professional Guardian.

Danica firmly believes that leading one's life from the heart allows everything else to fall into place. When assembling her team, she sought individuals who share her passion for caring for the elderly, advocating for their well-being, and approaching their work with compassion. In recognition of the exceptional services provided by Danica and her team to Brevard County, she was honored with a Humanitarian Award in 2016.


Janielle brings extensive experience in long-term care to her role as the Director of Case Management. With over 20 years of experience, she holds a certification as a Nationally Certified Alzheimer's/Dementia Practitioner. Janielle initially joined our team in 2009 on a part-time basis and transitioned to a full-time position in January 2012.

Her journey in the healthcare field began in 1997 when she obtained her certified nursing assistant certification and started volunteering at a skilled nursing facility. In 2003, she furthered her education by earning an Associate degree in Nursing and became a Nationally Certified Dementia Practitioner. Throughout her career, Janielle has held various positions including Restorative C.N.A., Restorative Nurse, Medical Records Assistant and Director, and Physician Credentialing Chairperson.

Janielle has a genuine love for working with the geriatric population and treats her clients as if they were her own family. Witnessing the smiles on their faces brings her joy, and she takes pride in knowing that she has made a positive impact on their lives at the end of each day.


Penny is a Nurse Case Manager with over 20 years of experience in long-term care. She joined our team in May of 2008 and has been an invaluable member since then. Penny began her career in the field in 1994 as a Certified Nursing Assistant and later obtained her Practical Nursing license in 2001.

Throughout her career, Penny has held various positions, including Sub-Acute Rehabilitation nurse, Staff Development Director, and Clinical Assessment Nurse for Medicare and Medicaid. She has developed a strong passion for working with the elderly and ensuring that their golden years are filled with quality and dignity. Penny takes great pleasure in listening to our clients as they reminisce about significant life events, and she is dedicated to advocating for their wishes and needs.

In August of 2016, Penny made the decision to transition to a stay-at-home mom to have more time with her children. However, she continues to serve as a nurse case manager for our team, as her expertise and dedication are still greatly valued and needed.


Taylor is a valued member of our team, serving as a Professional Guardian and a Geriatric & Special Needs Case Manager. Her healthcare journey began in 2009 when she worked as a pharmaceutical packing technician in a mental health facility in Michigan. After getting married and becoming a stay-at-home mom to her two wonderful children while her husband served in the Army, Taylor and her family relocated to Florida in 2015.

Currently, Taylor is working towards obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Social Work. She joined our team, Advocates for the Aging, in the Spring of 2018. Taylor has a genuine passion for helping individuals with special needs and the elderly. Her personal connection to this field of work began at home, as she cherishes the time spent with her Busia (grandmother), which ultimately led her to her current role.

Taylor considers each client as an extended family member and finds great joy in connecting with them and listening to their life stories. In July 2021, she successfully completed her Professional Guardian course and passed the corresponding test. As of August 2021, Taylor is officially registered at the Office of Professional and Public Guardians as a Professional Guardian. We are immensely proud of Taylor's accomplishments and the dedication she brings to her role.


Jeremy brings 19 years of valuable long-term care experience to our team. His career began in 2003 as an LPN Charge Nurse at UPMC Sugarcreek Station, a nursing home and rehabilitation center. During his time there, Jeremy thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the elderly residents and listening to their stories, including their experiences growing up and wartime accounts from veterans. He also expanded his skill set by obtaining certifications in IV/Blood draw and Wound Care.

In 2005, Jeremy embarked on a new professional journey as a State Nurse for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - Department of Human Services. For 17 years, he dedicated his expertise to Polk State Center, a residential facility catering to individuals with Intellectual and Developmental disabilities. Through these experiences, Jeremy developed a profound passion for providing care and support to special needs individuals and the elderly.

Jeremy firmly believes in advocating for the rights of the individuals he serves, considering it the highest form of service. In April 2022, he made the decision to relocate to Florida with his two sons to be closer to family and to further his career in this field. We are thrilled to have Jeremy as part of our team, and we appreciate the compassion and dedication he brings to his role in caring for our clients.


Cindy serves as our Senior Executive Assistant and Office Manager playing a crucial role in supporting our team. She initially worked with us on a part-time basis and eventually joined us full-time in August 2016. With over 25 years of experience in problem-solving and auditing, Cindy brings valuable expertise to our organization.

Not only does Cindy excel in her professional capabilities, but she also brings a vibrant and positive personality to the office. Our clients greatly appreciate her friendly and enthusiastic demeanor when they reach out to our office. Cindy's dedication and ability to efficiently manage various administrative tasks contribute to the smooth operation of our team and ensure that our clients receive the highest level of service.

We are grateful to have Cindy as an integral part of our team, and her commitment to excellence is evident in all she does.


Christine plays a vital role in our team as the Business Office Manager and a Nationally Certified Alzheimer's/Dementia Practitioner. With nearly 30 years of experience in the medical field, Christine joined our team in 2013 and has been a valuable asset ever since.

Having worked in the insurance industry for over 5 years, Christine brings extensive knowledge in Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance billing to our organization. Her expertise in navigating the complex insurance landscape ensures that our clients receive the appropriate coverage and benefits they are entitled to.

Beyond her insurance expertise, Christine has a deep passion for supporting individuals with disabilities. She has dedicated over 20 years to educating herself about the intricacies of the system in order to assist those in need in accessing the necessary benefits and resources.

Christine's commitment to providing exceptional service, combined with her wealth of experience, makes her an invaluable member of our team. We are fortunate to have her expertise and dedication in helping us fulfill our mission of advocating for the aging and vulnerable populations we serve.


Pam brings extensive experience to our team as the File Clerk. With a career in the medical field spanning since 1975, Pam retired from a local hospital in 2014. However, her passion for contributing to our mission led her to join our team on a part-time basis, and later transitioned to an as-needed team member in 2019.

As the File Clerk, Pam plays a crucial role in maintaining organized and accurate documentation for our clients. Her attention to detail and knowledge of the medical field ensure that our records are well-managed and easily accessible when needed.

Outside of her work with our team, Pam enjoys retirement alongside her husband. We appreciate her dedication and contribution to our organization, as her commitment helps us provide exceptional care and support to our clients and their families.


Sheri Biondi is a valued member of our team, serving as a Professional Guardian and Geriatric Case Manager. She joined our organization in January 2020, bringing with her a deep connection to Brevard County, where she was born and raised. Sheri graduated from Merritt Island High School in 1992 and pursued her career in nursing at Brevard Community College.

Sheri's passion for caring for others led her to obtain her Certified Nursing Assistant license in 2009. She then embarked on a fulfilling role as a Victim Advocate for the Melbourne Police Department in 2006, providing invaluable support and resources to those in need. Over the past 13 years, Sheri has been dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, connecting community members with vital resources, and providing comprehensive case management services to the elderly population of Brevard County.

In 2017, Sheri became a licensed professional guardian, which allowed her to witness firsthand how the right services can greatly enhance the lives of individuals. She is committed to ensuring that those we serve receive the appropriate care, protection, and services in the least restrictive manner possible. Sheri's compassionate approach and extensive experience make her an invaluable asset to our team and the clients we serve.


CJ is a valued member of our team, serving as a Special Needs Case Manager and Property Manager. While he has been providing occasional assistance since 2010, CJ officially joined us on a full-time basis in August 2016, initially as a Property Manager Assistant before being promoted to Property Manager.

CJ brings a diverse range of skills and experience to his role. His background includes expertise in auditing, project management, and implementing effective marketing strategies for products and services. In his capacity as Property Manager, CJ is responsible for coordinating client moves and managing personal property. He ensures that minor repairs are taken care of, conducts property inspections, and oversees the proper execution of Estate Sales and home cleanouts. Additionally, CJ facilitates the sale of automobiles, boats, and RVs on behalf of our clients.

One of CJ's important roles is to offer assistance to our Case Managers when they encounter volatile situations, prioritizing their safety. His presence provides an additional layer of support and security during challenging circumstances.

It's worth noting that CJ is also the husband of Danica, the Founding Share Holder of Advocates for the Aging, Inc. Their shared commitment to serving others and their collaborative efforts contribute to the success of our team.


John plays a vital role in our team as a Special Needs Case Manager and Property Manager Assistant. Although he has been assisting with client moves intermittently since 2014, John officially joined us as a dedicated team member.

With over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry as a supervisor, John brings valuable skills and a strong work ethic to his role. Additionally, he has a personal connection to caring for the elderly, as he assisted in the care of his wife's grandparents until their passing. This experience has instilled in him a deep respect and empathy for the elderly, disabled, and those in need.

In addition to his professional background, John possesses excellent handyman skills and has spent many years crafting outdoor furniture. He is known for his practical jokes and has a knack for making clients laugh, bringing joy and light-heartedness to their interactions.

As a Special Needs Case Manager and Property Manager Assistant, John contributes to the smooth execution of client moves and offers practical support in various tasks. His dedication and sense of humor make him a valued member of our team.